Environment & Sustainability

Like many Vermonters, Cavendish residents have a deep appreciation for nature and understand the role that we each play in preserving the natural resources of the area.

Conservation & Land Stewardship

Vermont Coverts: Woodlands for Wildlife
The organization sponsors training programs and workshops for landowners interested in wildlife habitat.

Cavendish Community and Conservation Association
This local community organization sponsors several committees related to conservation and energy. 

Center for Northern Woodlands Education
A non-profit based in Corinth dedicated to forest stewardship in the Northeast; they publish The Place You Call Home, a magazine/"owner's manual for landowners. 

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
A department of the state's Agency of Natural Resources, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department offers a Landowner Incentive Program, which helps fund the protection and restoration of habitats on private land. 


The Cavendish Transfer Station implemented a freeZero sort-or single stream-recycling program in 2013. This means you can eliminate the sorting and put newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper back books, egg cartons, plastic containers (1-7), rigid plastic, glass, aluminum into one container and dump it into the special compactor at the transfer station at no charge. 

Want to learn more about Zero Sort? The Casella website features a downloadable brochure.

In addition to the Zero Sort program, Cavendish Transfer station also offers the following recycling opportunities free of charge:

• Fiber Barn (clean and dry clothing all types including ripped and stained; shoes-bagged separately from clothing; clean and dry linens-blankets, sheets, towels; belts, purses, hats, mittens, gloves, coats, socks; and stuffed animals) Note that the Fiber Barn benefits SEVCA
• CFL light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
• Untreated Wood waste
• Scrap Metal
• Button Batteries
• Rechargeable Batteries
• Used oil (in one-gallon jugs)
• Steel Cans
• Computers, monitors, peripherals
• Uncoated Natural Wood Pallets
• Printers, Televisions
• Thermostats with Mercury
• Corks

Other Recycling Options

Cavendish On-line Community Garage Sale via Facebook. 

• Used printer cartridges (the big ones, not the small ink jets) can be dropped off at CTES for the sixth grade.

• Prescription Medicines/Over the counter drugs can be taken to the MedReturn box at the Ludlow Police Department. The collection site is open 7 days a week from 9-4. The following items are not accepted at this time: liquids, hypodermic needles, inhalers or aerosols.

• There are free collections and safe disposal of Household Hazardous Waste at various locations on the second Saturday in May and the second Saturday in September.

• Packing peanuts can be recycled by calling 802-226-7204.

• Have stuff that’s in good shape but it’s cluttering the house?  Consider the following options:
      - Donate it to Black River Good Neighbor in Ludlow
      - Save it for the Cavendish Town Wide Tag Sale, the last Saturday of July
      - Join Cavendish's Front Porch Forum to post a "for sale" message to your neighbors

• "Leave" them alone. Check out the many ways you can use fall leaves to enhance your garden and lawn in the spring. Be advised that the transfer station does not take leaves or grass clippings.

• For other recycling options, check out Real Simple's How to Recycle Anything. Who knew there was a place to recycle crayons, crocs and yoga matts.