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Yogi McNamara Memorial Run Fest

When: Nov. 1 at 10:00 am

Where: Different locations depending on Race (see description below)

More Information:  Yogi (Roger) McNamara was the guidance counselor for the River Valley Technical Center in Springfield and lived in Proctorsville for 28 years. He could often be seen running the roads of around town. Yogi died Oct. 22, 2013 and with his passion for running, as well as youth, it is fitting that “Yogi’s Young Runners” was established.

 The first Annual Yogi McNamara Memorial Run Fest to benefit “Yogi's Young Runners" will be held on Nov. 1, 2014 and will include three races. Start times and trails are as follows:

• 10K Race: Starts at 9 am across from the Cavendish Town Hall. Race will begin on Mill St., and proceed over bridge and under train trestle, turning left onto Cavendish Gulf Rd..  Will continue to a right hand turn onto Densmore Rd. and proceed to a left onto Perley Brown Rd. into Proctor Piper State Forest.  Runners will turn right onto Pratt Hill Rd., and follow through State Forest, to Depot St., turning left.  Route will turn right onto Greven Rd., then right onto RT 103, and finish into the Greven Field driveway.

•  5k Race: Begins at 10:30 am at  Greven Field and will enter RT 103, turning left, and proceeding to a left onto Greven Rd., and at end, left onto Depot St.  At RT 131, runners will turn left, continuing to intersection or RT 131 and 103, turning left, finishing with a left onto Greven Field driveway.

• Kids Fun Run: Begins at 11:30 am and will be entirely on the Greven Field Nature Trail.

 Food and drink will be available at the Greven Field Snack Shack immediately following races.

Race applications will be online