Town and School Budget/Ballot for 2017-2017

The Town budget for FY 2016-2017 is $1,344,981, while the Cavendish Town Elementary School budget for the same time period is $1,914,620. Both budgets are close to a 1% increase over the previous year.

Note that the town budget will be voted on for adoption at Town Meeting on Monday, Feb. 29, 7 pm at the Cavendish School. The school budget will be voted on by Australian ballot on Tuesday, March 1, 10-7 at the school.

The slate of elected offices to be voted on by Australian ballot on Tuesday, March 1, 10-7 at the school, will be as follows:

• Town Moderator (1 year): No applicants

• School Moderator (1 year): No applicants

• Selectmen (2 positions-1 year term): Jillian Flinn and Wendy Regier

• Selectman (1 position-3 year term): George Timko

• Town Agent (1 year): Dan Churchill

• First Constable(1 year): Seth Perry

• Lister (3 year): Jane Pixley

• Lister (2 year): Diane McNamara

• Auditor (1 year): Peter Labelle

• Auditors ( 2 and 3 year terms): No applicants

• Trustee of Public Funds: Dan Churchill

• Town School Director (2 positions-1 year terms): Barbara Dickey and Doug McBride

• Town School Director (1 position-3 year term): Fred Marin

• GMUHS Director (1 position 3 year term): Michael Kell

• Library Trustee (5 year term, 1 position): Mary McCallum

• Library Trustee (4 year term, 1 position): Vacant

• Town Grand Juror: Terry McNamara

• Town Agent: Dan Churchill 1 year

 There are no races for any positions this year. For the first time in many years, the positions of town and school moderators, currently held by Will Hunter and previously by Rolf van Schaik, have no applicants. Anyone interested in running for office as a write-in can make that announcement at Town Meeting.

The Annual Report will soon be mailed to voters addresses and will also be available on-line at the Town’s Municipal website